Cai Quo Qiang

December 18, 2010
Cai Guo-Qiang was born in 1957 in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China, and lives and works in New York. He is most well known for his "explosive events" where he uses gunpowder and explosives to create art either using the smoke, explosions themselves, or flames created.

He also does gunpowder drawings where he spreads gunpowder on canvases in patterns and then lights it, leaving behind a residue.

He draws from a wide variety of sources including modern and historical events, philosophy, traditional chinese art and legends, and feng shui among other things.

In the last decade, he has also begun to do installation art which draws from his interest in explosions and pain.


Laurie Lipton

July 26, 2010

Laurie Lipton works in charcoal and pencil for the most part. Her drawings are super detailed and surrealist. She reminds me a lot of Salvador Dali; her drawings taking reality and twisting it into something else. And they’re varied. On her website, she has a gallery with 112 original drawings. There are more commissioned works and no two are the same.


Charlie Immer

July 19, 2010

Charlie Immer is a painter of fantasy worlds. He oil pants on canvas, paper, and panel mostly and graduated from Rhode Island School of Design. He’s been in several galleries and was featured in Hi-Fructose Magazine.

His art is interesting, to say the least. Most of the things I’ve seen are childish at first glance. He takes things that belong in cartoons for small children and brings them to life, adding value and depth. And then he adds the blood, guts, and veins.

His art all looks very cute at first glace. He works in pastels and jewel tones for the most part and his work looks composed of cutouts in parts despite the illusion of depth. But then he turns the child’s fantasy into a nightmare. The cute creatures eat each other and tear each other apart. His website has many examples.

Here’s my favorite piece:

Tearing Up

Oil on Canvas

26 x 38 in

Billy Shire Fine Arts
Los Angeles, CA
November 2009

Hi-Fructose Magazine interview of Charlie, Volume 11


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