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Post Impressionism

Posted by Succulent Ambush on Sunday, June 6, 2010, In : Art Period 

Post Impressionism (1886-1905) continued with the Impressionist use of light and color but was more individualistic. Artists used similar methods but the art isn’t as unified as impressionist art. Pointillism, for example, was post impressionism.

Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”

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Posted by on Sunday, June 6, 2010, In : Art Period 

Impressionism (c 1865-1880) was incredibly different than realism. It used color and light in new ways. Artists used color very often not found in the scene they were painting to show light. The colors were often divided. Plein air painting (painting outside) was big. The brushstrokes were impressive, often evident and large.

Degas’ “Waiting”

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Art Periods:

Medieval Art: 900-1300

Rennaissance: 1300-1550

Mannerism:: 1500-1550

Baroque: 1550-1700

Dutch Golden Age Painting: 1600’s

Rococo: 1700-1750

Neoclassicism: 1750-1830

Romanticism: 1830-1848

Realism: 1860-1880

Impressionism: 1865-1880

Post Impressionism: 1886-1905

Fauvism: 1905-1907

Cubism: 1908-1914

Abstraction: 1908-1920’s

Dadaism: 1916-1922

Surrealism: 1924-1930’s

Abstract Expresionism: c. 1945-1965

Pop Art: 1960's 

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{1} High school humanities teacher: Philip Koger


Wikipedia was used to double check information and expand in some cases.


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