The Renaissance (c. 1300-1550) was a cultural movement, a “rebirth.” Humanism, rediscovery of the value of humanity, was big and contributed to the rise of scientific naturalism/realism in art. Classicism, the Greek and Roman styles of art, was reawakened. Classicism preached solemnity, order and balance. Style and balance ruled the architecture influenced by classicism. Chiaroscuro, dramatic light and shade, began to be used.

Men were trying to make sense of the world during the Renaissance. The influence of Classicism showed this and what they wanted the world to be.

Neoplatonism, new Plato’s philosophy, and themes important in his time were reawakened (mythology and Paganism).

Florence was the most important Renaissance city.

The High Rennaisance (c 1450) mostly perfected previous innovations. Foreshortening, expressions, more use of color and light, better anatomy than ever before.

Boticelli "La Primavera"